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“It’s not having what you want. It’s wanting what you’ve got.”

April 4, 2012

FIVE EXCITING HUMP DAY TRUMPS! Trump Day is the new Hump Day. Good mood, Kaitlyn, you ask?  Read on to learn why: 

  1. J.Crew strikes again! My love for the Minnie pant is no secret (the new deep orchid pair I’m rocking right now are killllllller, btw!), but my appreciation for the gathers on this bikini bottom is honestly unparalleled. Buy a pair if you’re down with retro-inspired ruching and, well, just not looking like you spent your entire winter eating too much falafel while you soak up the sun. Dare I say they’re even… flattering?! SEE YOU AT THE BEACH!
  2. Stonehill victory! Two professors at my amazing alma mater were named to the Princeton Review’s Top 300. Check them out!
  3. Easter Sunday! Though I failed at giving anything up for Lent, I’m stoked to island hop from Manhattan to the Long One, and spend some Q.T. with my family. Cue the “awwwwws.”
  4. Quality Literature! Well, quality is not the right word, but like the rest of the world’s female population, I’ve dug into the salacious story that is 50 Shades of Grey—and while the less than wonderful writing makes me cringe at moments, a saucy and scandalous tale is never not appreciated… unlike that (intentional, of course!) double negative.  
  5. And finally… my partner in crime (who aspires to fight literal crime) is officially a social worker. Congrats to Justine on finally entering the real world. If you lived in NYC, we’d be several ‘ritas deep right now, my friend.

 Enjoy Trump Day, everyone. No one’s fired!

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