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An Ode to Original Sin

March 5, 2013

Though this post’s title does allude to Adam and Eve, I’m actually referring to a different type of indulgence. An indulgence  that often comes with a feeling of regret the morning after…

But such a feeling is nothing that a cup of coffee and a slice of Rigoletto pizza can’t cure! Case in point: until yesterday, I was yet to imbibe any alcoholic apple juice since The Great Fall of 2013. That’s a full MONTH off the sauce! The last time I lasted so long between savoring sips of cider… Well, I probably shouldn’t have been savoring such sips to begin with when that happened. Yesterday, after my whirlwind but brief return to NYC, I caught up with my pal Sean, a Stonehill classmate turned co-worker, to celebrate our successful collaboration that brought current Stonehill students to our workplace for the day. I felt like the proud but crippled mother hen to my fellow Skyhawks.

When 5 o’clock hit, I managed my way out of the office, thanks to Sean’s assistance, and into the throng of homeward-bound rush hour commuters, who cared not for the leopard-decked glamazon on crutches. Though my tibia’s broken, my New York City attitude is still in full swing, so I crutch-strutted my way down 7th Ave. and into a dimly-lit lair that felt pleasantly familiar. Was I really at happy hour?! Sinking into the couch, and propping my ailing limb on the table, I felt delighted as our waiter came over with menus. But I already saw the long lost logo in the distance: “I’ll take an Original Sin, please.”

And let me tell you something. That first sip of cider tasted even better than a cup of coffee does the morning after one too many gulps of such blissful booze. Bring it, St. Patrick! Your best customer is a-coming…

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